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On this page you will find downloadable articles regarding Co-Active Coaching and about some trends in Coaching.

English publications:

Scientific background of Co-Active Coaching: Why-Co-Active-Coaching.pdf

Research on the impact Co-Active Coaching has on the brain: Co-Active-Coaching-and-The-Brain-final.pdf

Dutch publications:

Trends in Coaching, written by Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, Director of Coaching:  Trends_in_Coaching_TvC_maart_2013_nr_1.pdf

Creating a coaching Culture is an ambition many companies have nowadays. But what is a coaching culture? Coaching_Culture_in_organisaties_2013_1_TVOO.pdf

Co-Active Coaching Incompany for ING Business school. About twenty HR managers completed the curriculum Article about Incompany Co-Active Coaching at ING 

Two experienced coaches wrote an article about their experience with Co-Active Coaching and what makes it unique. Why are coaches and coachees enthusiastic about this method? Ongebreideld_talent_TVC.pdf

In this interview a coach describes what impact impact Co-Active Coaching had on her work as a coach: Co-Active_Coaching_interview.pdf

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