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Price of courses and certification


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Pricing Courses (excl. VAT)
Please note: free of VAT for individuals



Starter: Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals only

€ 990

Co-Active Coach® Fundamentals & Intermediate - Package A

Registration for both courses before Fundamentals

€ 5.680

Savings: €700

Co-Active Coach® Intermediate only - Package B

Registration within two weeks after Fundamentals

€ 5.090

Savings: €300

Co-Active Coaching Intermediate only

€ 5.390

Separate Intermediate modules

€ 1.730

Pricing Certification (CPCC) - preregistration



Co-Active Coach® Certification (CPCC) - Package A

Pre-registration before Fundamentals

5.355 US Dollars

Savings: $635

Co-Active Coach® Certification (CPCC) - Package B

Pre-registration before Intermediate

5.575 US Dollars

Savings: $415

Co-Active Coach® Certification (CPCC), regular registration with CTI

5.990 US Dollars

Each course day ends at 5.30 PM. If you would like to book one or more overnight stays and/ or dinner(s) in the hotel please contact the venue directly.

For Terms of Delivery please go to the bottom of this webpage 'Terms of Delivery'. Please let us know if you would like to receive these terms bij e-mail.

100% Money-Back Fundamentals Guarantee
We are very confident that you will find great value from the Fundamentals course. If after attending the entire Fundamentals course you are not satisfied with the return on investment, we will send you a refund (excluding venue costs). If you had already enrolled for Intermediate you can cancel your course package registration with no penalties. All you need to do is request a refund in writing within 10 days of course completion, and return your Certificate.
KMO Portefeuille (For Belgium)
It is possible for you to pay part of the courseprice with 'trainingscheques' (opleidingscheques) from the KMO portefeuille, which is a subsidy for small and middle size companies as well as companies from individuals in Belgium. Please find out at the following website if your company can make use of this subsidy You can then contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange your registration with the use of these cheques.

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