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Leadership program is exclusively offered by the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in the United States. You will find some information about this program below, but for enrollment and more information we direct you to CTI.

Designed to uncover, deepen and build on your natural strengths as a leader, CTI's Co-active Leadership is a powerful, experiential 10-month program, designed to identify and break through self-perceived limits.

Moving beyond the solo, lone wolf approach to leadership, our training presents a new frame of understanding to identify the 'soul of your leadership.' You will discover your unique strengths, clarify your direction, and incorporate that learning into your own leadership style.

Increase your impact.
As you explore the new power of self that you possess, CTI gives you the strategies to take full responsibility for your impact on others in all areas of your life - work, home and play.

Work toward a common goal.
The Co-active Leadership Program teaches you to perceive and build on other's inherent strengths to create powerful alliances and achieve mutual goals. You will develop the relationship agility to be more effective in both one-to-one and team relationships.

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