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Co-Active Coaching™ Core Curriculum

This ICF accredited coach training program is probably the most widespread coach training programme around the world, receiving the greatest recognition and prestige. It has trained over 35,000 coaches and certified more than 6,000. It is also the program that some of the most important international companies have set up in their corporate universities to train their internal coaches. It allows people to take relationships and conversations to a completely different level. You will learn the skills to successfully coach individuals toward their goals, through establishing authentic relationship using the Co-active® method

The Core Curriculum consists of five 3-day workshops: Fundamentals delivers the basics represented in the Co-Active Coaching Model. The following courses Fulfillment, Balance and Process form the principles of Co-Active Coaching. Each course deepens the knowledge of those principles and trains the coaching process from that perspective. Synergy integrates the three principles deeply in your being and helps you develop your own unique coaching style.

For deepening your coaching practice you can advance with the CTI Certification program. This intensive 6-months training provides high level professionalism for you as a coach.

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NEW: now also in Dutch language

Fundamentals is CTI's foundational Co-Active Coaching skills course. Whether you are interested in using coaching skills n your current profession, considering a career in coaching or just wanting to improve your communication with the important people in your life Co-Active coaching Fundamentals could be something for you.

After having finished the fundamentals course your are initiated in the Co-active coaching model and are able to:
· use the four cornerstones of Co-Active Coaching;
· communicate using the five contexts of Co-Active Coaching;
· use the Life (Balance) wheel;
· distinguish and use the three levels of listening.

It is important that participants of the co-active coaching have affinity with coaching and that they are able to talk in English as the course will be given in English.

The fundamentals workshop is a 2,5 day course:
· Day one from 1.30 PM till 5.30 PM (no lunch included)
· Day two from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)
· Day three from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)

Number of participants
A maximum of 26 participants can participate in this workshop.

At the end of the Fundamentals workshop you will receive a certificate which shows that you participated in a 20-hours 'coach training'. This certificate gives access to Intermediate, the next level of this co-active coaching training. If you are absent for more than two hours during Fundamentals, the Coaches Training Institute practises the rule that you do not qualify for the certificate and cannot participate in the Intermediate programme. The leaders have the authority to make exceptions to this rule.


The four-course Intermediate coach training program is intended as the next step for individuals moving toward Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

NEW: now also in Dutch language

All courses are three days long and are designed to be taken in the following sequence:
· Fulfillment coaching is about having clients let go of preconceived rules and limitations and step into what truly brings them alive.
· Balance coaching: guiding your clients to make powerful life choices and to select the experiences they want most, rather than dashing about either at the mercy of circumstances or trying to have it all.
· Process coaching is about being with clients wherever they are on the flowing river of their lives - in the strong current, the still pools or the rapids and eddies.
· Synergy is an integrative course that deepens your confidence and solidifies the skills that have been taught in the previous four courses.

After having finished the fulfillment workshop your are able to:
· use visualization and imagery to help clients define a vision of the future they will create;
· assist clients in identifying their unique values and assessing their satisfaction with living those values;
· identify a client's self-defeating influences;
· design the relationship with your client;
· design an initial 'intake' session.

After the balance workshop you can:
· help your clients see many useful perspectives;
· coach clients by planning from possibility rather than circumstances;
· create a plan using our innovative 'right brain' planning method;
· use new techniques to get clients into alive, sustainable, effective action;
· use structures to keep the client in action.

After having finished the process workshop your are able to:
· facilitate a life purpose statement with your clients;
· work with emotionally charged issues with your clients;
· use the Process coaching skills that have clients 'experience' what exists for them rather than talk about it.

After the last (Synergy) workshop you can:
· demonstrate the ability to coach your client using the principles of Fulfillment, Balance and Process;
· create in the moment rather than from any preconceived rules;
· incorporate your own creativity and ability with what you have learned in previous courses;
· articulate the principles, contexts, cornerstones and skills of Co-Active Coaching.

The Co-Active Fundamentals course is a prerequisite to the intermediate coach training program.

Each Intermediate workshop (fulfillment, balance, process and synergy) is a 3 day course:
· Day one from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)
· Day two from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)
· Day three from 9.30 AM till 5.30 PM (lunch included)

Number of participants
A maximum of 26 participants can participate in this training