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Coach Training

The Co-Active Coaching™ Core Curriculum is probably the most widespread coach training programme around the world, receiving the greatest recognition and prestige. It has trained over 35,000 coaches and certified more than 6,000. It is also the program that some of the most important international companies have set up in their corporate universities to train their internal coaches. It allows people to take relationships and conversations to a completely different level. You will learn the skills to successfully coach individuals toward their goals, through establishing authentic relationship using the Co-active® method

The Core Curriculum consists of five 3-day workshops: Fundamentals delivers the basics represented in the Co-Active Coaching Model. The following courses Fulfillment, Balance and Process form the principles of Co-Active Coaching. Each course deepens the knowledge of those principles and trains the coaching process from that perspective. Synergy integrates the three principles deeply in your being and helps you develop your own unique coaching style.

For deepening your coaching practice you can advance with the CTI Certification program. This intensive 6-months training provides high level professionalism for you as a coach. 

What does Co-Active® Coaching mean?

Co-Active® Coaching is a non-directive, dynamic and holistic coaching method. Based on a uniquely developed model, Co-Active Coaching approaches people as basically resourceful, creative and whole. Thus, the coaching process is not focusing on problem solving or elimination of insufficiencies, but on the client himself as a human being. According to the approach of Positive Psychology, the client is getting aware of his values, starts developing goals from there, learns how to make powerful choices and receives access to his talents and potentials. The coaching process supports the client's personal growth and forwards his action, to enable him making the best out of his (work)life.
The pro-active relationship between coach and client is crucial. It fuels the process to enable behavioral change through experiential learning.

Coaching Executives

Co-active coaching provides executives a space in which powerful, healthy, conversations can unfold in service of confronting habitual thinking that stifles innovation. These skills are not controlling or demanding, but instead foster an attitude full of encouragement and belief in oneself and the other.

Coaching Individuals

Coaching creates a powerful dynamic relationship between two people. However, rather than instruct, advise or problem solve, the job of the coach is to ask questions, listen and empower. Co-active coaches believe their clients are already great and it’s their job to provide support to enhance the skills, resources and creativity the client already has to achieve extraordinary results.

Coaching within Organizations

Coaching has rapidly become recognized as a powerful strategy for effectively increasing human development and retention within organizations. Internal Co-active coaches can set the foundation of working relationships that maximize individual engagement, team commitment and results.

Coaching for Impact

In a business climate where people are required to do more with less, the ability to communicate and form effective working relationships is proving to be the key to career advancement. Co-active Coaching offers these skills by uniquely demonstrating how to master effective conversation without compromising what you want, who you are, or treading on other people in the process. 

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