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Co-Active Network

Are you this enthusiastic about the Co-active Coaching Courses? And would you like to:
· Hold on to that co-active feeling?
· Join a forum so that you can stay in contact with your co-active colleagues?
· Continue to develop personally and professionally?
· Help further stimulate the profile of Co-active Coaching in the Netherlands?

If so, then please join us at the on-line Dutch Co-Active Community (DCAC)!

For our Belgium participants we recommend you to become also member of the very active Belgium community!

Who is the Co-Active Community for?
The on-line DCAC community is for anyone interested in coaching, Co-active Coaching in particular. The Dutch co-active community is currently approaching 300 members and growing fast.

What are the benefits of joining this community?
Amongst other things the on-line community will provide you with:

· Access to an ever growing source of inspiration. With some 300 personal and professional coaches, at least 30 CTI certified coaches and 3 certified CTI leaders.
· a forum where you can initiate and join in on discussions, get support and feedback on all your coaching questions.
· News about how to join in on tele-workshops and conferences offered by community members.
· A forum where you can offer your own tele-classes and/or conferences. (For members of the forum there is a free recordable bridge line facilities for hosting your tele-class or conference (max. capacity 30 participants)).
· News about Co-active Coaching meetings and inter-vision sessions in your area.
· News and invitations for the popular and educational Co-Active alumni’s hosted by Schouten & Nelissen, organised by community members and lead by CTI leaders.
· Invitations and news on the assisting planning for the Co-active courses run via Schouten & Nelissen in the Netherlands. Please note: registration to assist on the Schouten & Nelissen courses held in the Netherlands is only possible via the Dutch Co-active Community page!.

In short, joining the community allows you access to a pleasurable, informative and educational source of connection!

What does it cost to join the on-line community?
It costs nothing more than the energy it takes to initially register. There’s nothing more to it than that! Many of the events offered by the community are cost free. Some of the events do carry a small fee  – when this is the case it will be clearly published.

How do I register?
· You need to be an alumni, which is already true after Fundamentals
  • · Go to the Co-Active Network – Home page, click on ‘Register New Account’
    · Fill out the registration form and click ‘register’
    · Click the header: Geographic Communities
    · Click on Dutch Co-Active Club
    · In the green column to the left of the page, you will see a list of Current Communities: Dutch Co-Active Community (join). Click ‘join’
    · Followed by: Do you want to join Dutch Co-Active Club? Click ‘yes’

Wishing you a hearty welcome in the name of the Dutch Co-Active Community:


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